There have been a number of publications talking about wedding music. You’ve got long lists of top twenties and top 100s with so much to choose from that your head might go into a bit of a spin. This is particularly so if the songs you’re looking for are meant to be played at your own wedding. What in your mind will make part of the theme for this big day? If you hire a live band, what will you ask them to play? Will the song you have chosen end up being inadequate? The stress is real!

Top 5 Romantic Jazz Songs to Have Played at Your Wedding

In order to make your life a lot simpler, we’ve narrowed down those massive lists. We have used personal preference, experienced listening and of course our in depth knowledge with regards to music in order to filter down to the five numbers below!

Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong

This gorgeous soothing number is ideal to have on while festivities continue but would also make a fine number for the bride and groom to slow dance to after vows have been said. You’ve got lyrical perfection by way of words that woo and music that starts soft but works into a crescendo of trumpets and horns. Just the kind of versatility a wedding song should have!

The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

Though Sinatra is arguable more a swing musician, we collaborated with numerous jazz greats and had a way about him to boot! This particular number can be snuck in to our list, again, because the lyrics are just on point where wedding goes. The backing music here allows for a little more movement than the track above but is almost as romantic lyrically. A little faster paced but good enough to make number two on our list!

L-O-V-E – Nat King Cole

Here’s one to put a smile on the faces of bride, groom and guests alike! This charming number with the alluring sax progressions as well as the playful lyrics and tempo is an ideal first dance song. At the same time, this wouldn’t be a bad one to exit the venue to either!

Moonlight Serenade – Glen Miller and His Orchestra

Moving back into slow dance and dinner territory, Glen Miller’s Moonlight Serenade is a must have on your wedding playlist. This is the kind of song you could probably dance to with your sweetheart well into your older years! It’s classy, musically dazzling yet delicate and dare we say, a lot of fun to play!

My Dearest Darling – Etta James

Though lyrically, this song does match more with the pining phase than an actual wedding, the lyrical musical power of this number is simply undeniable. With a tune you can step to, gentle enough to melt the heard but energetic enough to make you want to sway, this song makes it comfortably to number five on our list! To be fair, it was a hard choice between this one and her song ‘At Last’, but we went with this one.

Bottom Line

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We’d be lying if we said the songs above are all you’re going to need. Like food, music is also something of preference and on your big day, it makes sense to go for something that you and your special someone can look back at and cherish. Though the list above should help point you in the right direction, that final decision is yours alone!

Once you are clear on your wedding playlist however, give us a shout! We’re a live jazz band based in Dallas TX playing music across the genre specializing in Dixie jazz and would be happy to play you a few numbers on your special day!