A 2014 report covering music and popularity stated that Jazz music was one of the least sought after genres next to classical music by the end of the year. Two years down the line, The Guardian published an article talking about how jazz music might be entering a new golden age. Needless to say, these are two extremes that beg the question; which is it? Is jazz going out of style?

We’re going to explore this statement over the course of this blog.

Not for Everybody?

Jazz as we all know is a vast musical form and has over forty sub-genres. Jazz music like many of the finer things in life however can be an acquired taste. This is especially so for purer forms of the genre.

Jazz can be harsh, aggressive, chaotic and all over the place which can be hard to understand without a basic understanding of music and an appreciation for technicalities such. For this reason, like with sushi, single malt and other finer things in life, jazz can be something of an acquired taste.

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A Generation of Superficiality and Quick Fixes

If you look at the world today, being popular does not say much by way of quality, skill or technique. We live in a world of Popsicle artists and one hit wonders that lose their charm a year in. Many people today, regrettably the majority are more inclined to go for simpler lighter forms of music even if they aren’t half as engaging.

This being said, anyone with a bit of musical culture in their veins knows better than to write off such a powerful genre or trade it in for something more temporarily popular.

So Much Out There

Another thing to remember is the sheer magnitude of work being done in the world today musically. You have enough genres to last a lifetime of listening and then some. It makes sense that people have different tastes and will be divided such.

In other words, it might not be so much a lack of popularity as it is people branching out and experimenting with new stuff musically.

So is it or isn’t it Going out of Style?

Can good manners go out of style? Is photography or oil painting something that can ever fade away as a fad? No to all the afore mentioned and the same can be said for jazz.

Jazz is not a time bound genre and is still appreciated and respected by both those who play music and those who enjoy listening. Sure jazz might not be the dominant genre it was back in the day but to say it is going out of style would be incorrect. As far as we know, jazz is here to stay!

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