Jazz music has been around for a while and even today is appreciated as one of the most complex yet beautiful forms of music by enthusiasts and musicians the world over!

When it comes to jazz music, there are facts that are commonly known, for instance, the genre is said to have originated in New Orleans. On the flip side, there are less known facts about jazz music that we’re going to share with you today!

5 Little Known Fun Facts about Jazz Music

Below are five facts about jazz music you might not have known but will now!

Band playing music on the street

An Amalgamation of Genre

Jazz music is actually one of the single most diverse genres out there. The genre is influenced by numerous other musical forms including but not restricted to afro-rhythm, chamber music and even more modern forms like rock.

Late to the Game

The Saxophone though synonymous with jazz music today was not one of the original instrumental lineups. The instrument was used more commonly for chamber music and only became part of jazz bands and music post the 1920s.

The folks that helped the sax debut and make it big in the genre were the American jazz group that went by the name of Six Brown Brothers.

No One Knows Who Coined It

One of the most elusive pieces of information with regard to Jazz is who named the genre and how. Truth be told, the only fact here is that no one really knows who coined the word. That being said there has been ample speculation on the matter.

The closest answer to where the word came from roots its origins back to the playing fields of 1913. The word was meant to be popular slang among sportspeople and writers alike. It later got picked up by musically inclined folk around 1915 by musician Clarence Williams after which it stuck.

More Where that Came From

Jazz is not a singular solid genre. This musical form further; splits into numerous sub-genres. An excess of 40 to be precise! Basically, everything from swing and funk to Dixieland and Latin jazz; fall under the umbrella of this genre.

Jazz and the Silver Screen

Jazz music has been used for decades as the backing musical score for films, shows and even cartoons. One of the most popular children’s cartoons, Tom and Jerry among other things used a jazz influenced and often purely jazzy musical score!

Winding Down

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in some jazz music, the best way to do this is to listen. Alternatively you could even check out a live jazz band get a feel of the music firsthand! If you’re in Dallas Texas, the Raz Ma Jazz Dixie Band (that’s us) is one of the jazz bands in the region worth checking out!